How to Tie The Red Cheek Buzzer

Stillwater and Chironomids go together like PB&J. If you fish lakes and ponds you know how important these insects are to a trout’s diet. They are superabundant and can make or break your day on the water. This elegant little buzzer-style Chironomid is a great option to have in your box. Typically tied with natural polish style quills we are substituting the Hemingway Buzzer Quills to make the job easy and add a nice “pop”. The mylar-type material is great for adding a bit of shimmer to the fly and is more durable than natural quills. Hemingway makes a bundle of color options to help us tyers experiment with a world of options. If you are heading to a Stillwater, make sure you have the Red Cheek Buzzers ready!

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