How to tie the Tailwater Sowbug

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady ties the Woven Floss Caddis Pupae

“Sowbugs are not glamorous like Mayflies, nor do we look forward to fishing their hatches like we do Caddis and Stoneflies. However, there is no doubt that fish welcome an easy meal when a sowbug presents itself. These crustation-type creatures can be found in the river year-round. The pattern tied here created by Lance Egan of the US Fly Fishing Team and Fly Fish Food is a simple and versatile imitation. The rainbow scud dubbing used can work for a wide array of colors and allows for easy cross-over into a scud imitation. This version is tied heavily weighted and best fished bouncing on the bottom on a Euro rig or under an indicator.”

Ingredients & Recipe

Tools Used

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