How to tie the Radiation Baetis

How to tie the Radiation Baetis

Created by Umpqua Signature tyer Shea Gunkel, The Radiation Baetis may replace any nymph in your box depending on what size and colors you tie it in. I especially like the peacock black version for the thorax. Mix the bead, thread, and dubbing and you might have something the fish have never even thought about eating, but want a taste. If you have not tied or fished this fly give it a shot. Also, try switching up the hooks to 2488H or the 200R for a different look.

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  1. Well done! This seems to be a new hot nymph in the Colorado area and one of my friends in the state ties it. Note, however, that the pattern recipe on this page does not list the tail material. The recipe in the video does get it right though.

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