How to tie the Puterbaugh Caddis

How to tie the Puterbaugh Caddis

Elk Hair caddis flies are great, they float well and are useful in a wide range fishing situations. So what’s better? Arguably an Elk Hair with a foam body to only improve its buoyancy. In steps Puterbaugh’s Caddis. Created by Don Puterbaugh this pattern is a master of simplicity. Tied with only three materials besides thread and the hook it is a great dry to get your feet wet.

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  1. Nice foam caddis pattern! Note that both the pattern here and in the video list the thread as Veevus 16/0 but during the video you state Veevus 10/0 or UTC 140 denier thread. The heavier threads seem more appropriate for firmly tying in the foam and elk hair. I think doing so with 16/0 thread would easily break.

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