How to tie the Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear

Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear

There’s a reason they call this fly the “Guides” Choice Hare’s Ear. Who would know better what flies are effective than the guides who spend their living on the water needing to hook into fish to keep their clients coming back. If you are a Hare’s Ear fan, you need to give this fly a whirl.

The Guides Choice Hares Ear is a perfect blend of some of the best and most fishy materials used in fly tying. With a gold bead, gold rib, hares ear abdomen, peacock herl thorax and the piece de resistance, the partridge soft hackle it is a very forgiving fly to fish.

When I fish a Guides Choice Hares Ear I try and maximize my drift. Dead drift it low and deep, let it swing through the end of your run and even give it a couple quick short and small twitch strips at the end of your drift. You will be surprised at how much water you can effectively cover with this pattern.

Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear Ingredients & Recipe:

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4 thoughts on “How to tie the Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear

  1. Brady,
    Great fly. I tied up a few and used them in some deep pools on a local river. I caught over a dozen trout in just a few hours. My grandson (age 5) saw me tying your “Buttcrack Beatis” and couldn’t stop laughing at the name.
    Keep up the good work,

    1. Hey Bill,

      Thanks for your comment, you have made my day! Always happy to hear when a fly we tie produces for our viewers. Glad also that Dwayne Redford’s Buttcrack baetis brought a good chuckle for you and your grandson! Thanks for watching!

  2. I wish you would include the hook size in additon to the type. If the pattern can be tied in several sizes, it would be nice to mention that too. As a relative newcomer to fly tying, I can’t tell from the video of you’re tying a 10 or an 18 and as you know, there’s quite a difference in size in that range. If the bead size is mentioned, I can figure out the size range, but that wasn’t mentioned in this video either. I love your videos, just wish they gave all the specifications.

    1. Hello Dan,

      Thanks for watching and commenting! I usually leave out the sizes as there are a lot of times that flies can be tied in a size that I may not be considering due to the different bug life all around the world. We will try and do a better job for ya in the future though. The Guides Choice Hare’s Ear is commercially tied in sizes 12-18. I am sure there are times and locations that would justify going even bigger as well. The fly in the video, if I am remembering correctly was a 14, my most commonly fished size for this pattern.

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