How to tie the Buttcrack Beatis

The Buttcrack Beatis

The Buttcrack Baetis is more than a funny named fly. It is a super effective emerging mayfly pattern created by Colorado’s Duane Redford. The technique used for adding an emerging foam wing is unique and pretty brilliant. The foam helps to keep this fly higher in the water column as an emerging mayfly would be. The Buttcrack Baetis is an excellent lead fly and a go to dropper under a range of dry flies. Tie them in a range of colors and sizes to help match the bug activity in your area.

The Buttcrack Beatis Ingredients & Recipe:

Tools Used:

Buttcrack Beatis

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2 thoughts on “How to tie the Buttcrack Beatis

  1. Your material list seems to be incomplete. There is no listing for the wing material and it lists a different hook than is mentioned in the video.

    Also, several times the tier’s hands are obscuring the fly and tying procedures. Try a chest mounted camera so we can see the tying from the tyer’s prospective.

    1. Hello Kevin,

      Thanks for watching and also for your suggestions. We will get the recipe updated to be complete. Sorry the viewing of this video wasn’t better. I am not sure a chest cam would be a better experience as it would be impossible to keep detailed focus with a camera fixed to my body. We will try and do better for you in the future! Thanks again.

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