5 Reasons A Simple Fly Tying Vise Is Best

New to tying? Take my adVISE…

When I first got interested in tying my own flies, I remember feeling overwhelmed by the countless vise options available at various price points. Did I really need a fly tying vise that cost several hundred dollars? Was a rotary option actually worth it or would stationary do? Should I get one with a c-clamp or base plate? Why were there so many knobs and what in the world was that skinny metal arm sticking off the side for?

Ultimately, after asking a lot of dumb questions at the shop, and hours and hours of researching on my own, I decided to purchase a Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise. This vise is geared towards beginners, which at the time described me, but after tying thousands of patterns on this thing, I’m pretty convinced it’s the only vise I’ll ever need.
While this vise is listed as an entry level, the quality, capabilities, and affordable price point make it the perfect tool for beginners and experts alike.

Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise is a great vise for tying flies
Tying up a PMX in preparation for the summer season.

Check out the following five reasons why the Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise will be a forever fixture on my bench:

1. No nonsense

The design is simple, functional, and has everything I need with nothing that I don’t. Its streamlined design looks cool and performs perfectly.

2. Versatile size

It’s small enough to take streamside, but beefy enough to be my go to bench vise. With steel and aluminum components, this thing is sturdy and light.

3. Advanced features

With it’s 360 rotary capabilities, a bobbin cradle, holds almost any size hook, and clamp or pedestal base options, this “beginner” vise serves the needs of most experts.

4. The price is right

At less than $100 dollars, this is a very affordable option that will serve me well for years to come, and with a lifetime warranty, I’ll never need to purchase another.

5. Made in the USA

This is rare these days! I take every chance I can get to support American made products when I can find them.

Tying more flies with the Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise.
The rotary feature comes in handy on more complicated patterns.

There is no better feeling than hooking into a fish on a fly that you created. A fly tying vise is the most essential tool you’ll need to get started filling your box with your own hand tied selections. The creativity, cost savings, and pride of making something with your own two hands is incredibly rewarding, and tying is truly a therapeutic addiction. Don’t wait or waste your time wading through the endless options – take my advise. With an easy set-up and comfortable feel the first tie, the Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise will help you tackle your new hobby (soon to be obsession) with ease.

The Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise does everything I need for fly tying.

Written by Lindy Reese

Lindy Reese is a native Texan living in Colorado. She grew up fishing for reds on the Gulf Coast and now enjoys hiking to high lakes to chase crimson cutthroats. She lives in Buena Vista in a tiny house that she built herself. When she isn’t fishing, she is either tying flies or teaching outdoor leadership at an expeditionary learning school. Follow @lindyreese on Instagram

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Let’s hear some of your thoughts in the comments! Do you have a some favorite features you love about your vise?

Me fly fishing on the river in my Redington Willow River Waders.

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