How To Tie The Pig Sticker Variation: Fly Tying Video

The pig sticker is a tried and true fly pattern. This fly can be tied in a multitude of different styles and colors. In any river system your going to find worms and fish feeding on worms. Off color water, high water and after it rains is a great time to fish this fly. Works great as point fly or dropper in your nymph rig. Do not be afraid to tie this fly in larger sizes like 2/0.

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Pig Sticker Variation Ingredients List / Recipe:
Hook – Gamakatsu C12U
Thread – UTC 70 Red – Coming soon to AvidMax
Rib – Hareline Vinyl Rib
Flash – Herdon Pearl Flashabou
Resin – Loon UV Fly Finish Thick

Tools used to create this fly:
Vise – Peak Vise
Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit

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Step By Step Tutorial


1.Make covering thread wraps down the shank until you are even with the barb on the hook. Tie in your piece of flashabou where you ended your thread. Spinning your thread counter-clockwise will cause it to lay your thread down flat.


2. Tie in the vinyl tubing on top of the flashabou with the flat side of the vinyl tubing facing down so it sits flat on the hook. Bring your thread back up to behind the eye of the hook and half hitch.


3. Take your flashabou and use the rotary feature on your vise to make wide, even segmented wraps with the flashabou just behind the eye and make some securing wraps.


4. Take your vinyl tubing and make even segmented wraps in between the flashabou and tie off your tubing just behind the eye of the hook. Make some tight securing wraps and then whip finish and snip your thread.


5. Cover the thread wraps just behind the eye of the hook with some Loon UV Clear Fly Finish (thick) and spread it evenly with your bodkin. Hit the finished fly UV light curing the finish. Covering the entire fly with the UV goo gives it a little more durability.


Finished pig sticker variation. #PavsPatterns #AvidMaxFlyTyers

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