How To Tie The Pink Pepto Squirmy Wormy: Fly Tying Video

Don’t tell anybody you have this fly on point. Just say your hooking up on midge larva or something. They will never know but they will see you filling your net time and time again. Face it, if you were a fish eating midges or baetis all day and then saw a big fat juicy worm headed your way, you would eat it to. The Squirmy Wormy material used is an amazing fish catching material. The movement it provides in the water is unmatched by other worm imitations. Add a Firehole Outdoors Pink Bead and you have a solid pattern!

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Pink Pepto Squirmy Wormy Ingredients List / Recipe:
Hook – Firehole Outdoors 718
Thread – UTC 140 Red or Similar
Bead – Firehole Outdoors Matted Tungsten Pink Panther – Coming soon to AvidMax
Weight – .010 Lead Wire
Worm Material – Caster’s Squirmito (Squirmy)
Dub Collar – Ice Dub Pink

Tools used to create this fly:
1) Vise – Griffin Montana Mongoose
2) Scissors – Loon Razor Scissors
3) Bobbin – Griffin Ceramic Flared
4) Whip Finish – Dr. Slick Brass Whip Finish

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