How to Tie a Jigged Biot Stone: Fly Tying Video

This variation of the Jigged Biot Stone is basically a modern epoxy biot stone fly nymph. It is a great pattern throughout the summer months on healthy water where a substantial stonefly population is present. Change up the color combination based on the bugs in your area. This brown color I like to fish as either a Giant Golden or a Small Western Stonefly. Blacks and gold/tans are great colors as well. With this specific pattern being a very heavy large fly I like to fish it in faster runs and deep holes as my first fly with a smaller emerger up above. No need to only through rubber legs. Sometimes a fly that is a bit more realistic can be just the ticket.

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Jigged Biot Stone Fly Recipe:
Hook – Umpqua Competition Series C450BL Jig Fly Tying Hooks
Thread – Veevus Thread – 10/0 Brown
Head – MFC Tungsten Jig Beads – Black
Antenna – Hareline Stripped Goose Biots – Brown
Weight – Hareline Lead Wire Spool – 0.015
Tail – Hareline Stripped Goose Biots –  Brown
Body – Hareline Turkey Biot Quills – Brown
Ribbing – UTC Ultra Wire – Brassie Brown
Legs – Hareline Natural Undyed Hungarian Partridge Skin
Thorax Underbody- Hareline Ice Dub – Pheasant Tail
Backing – Hareline Medallion Sheeting – Buggy Brown

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Learn to tie the Jigged Biot Stone - Fly Tying Video

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