Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish Saltwater Series Fly Hook Product Review Winner

5 out of 5 Stars!  “Amazingly strong hooks”

Congratulations to Gilberto from Puerto Rico!  He was our winner of $25 in AvidMax rewards during the week of April 2 – 8, 2018.  Thank you very much for reviewing your new Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish Saltwater Series Fly Tying Hook Black



“I ordered these hooks to continue practicing my skills in fly tying. In comparison to regular hooks, these guys are amazingly strong and sharp! Their shank length is just right and in proportion to the type of flies that I’m working with now.

I made some Clouser Minnows with them and although I’m still on the apprentice level, they came out ok. I made a dark one where I got to blend the hook so it is not that obvious or noticeable; a white-yellow it can be seen a bit more but, it came out acceptable to my standards. A third pattern is something that resulted from just improvisation, so I have no name for it though it may exist somewhere (remember I’m uphill at the learning curve).

I recognize that tying experts tend to work with much smaller hooks, but I’m not at that level yet so these hooks (I purchased size 4) are perfect to develop those fine-motor skills necessary for the art. Now I just need to get them into the water for a “test drive”.

AvidMax has an extraordinary service. They deliver on time and kept a good communication all the way from the day of purchase through delivery. Will gladly purchase from them again.

IMO, you cannot beat the price of these hooks for the quality of the product.”

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