How to Tie a Water Boatman: Video

This Water Boatman is one of my favorite all time flies simply because it is the first fly I tied and caught a fish on.

If you are a stillwater fly fisher you know the importance of the Water Boatman. They are an erratic insect that fish love to chase and slam.

This pattern can be tied in various sizes and colors to not only imitate the water boatman but also their larger cousins backswimmers.

I like to fish this pattern trailing either a chironomid pattern or a leech. Don’t be afraid to strip it quickly to entice aggressive strikes.

Water Boatman Recipe:
Hook – Umpqua Competition Series Fly Tying Hooks C300 BL Czech Nymph
Thread – Veevus Thread – 12/0 Black
Backing – Hareline Scud Back – 1/8″ Black
Backing – Hareline Single Spool Pearlescent Tinsel – Narrow
Underbody – Hareline Ice Dub – 50/50 – Ultraviolet Black and Peacock Black
Legs – Hareline Life Flex – Black

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Learn how to tie the Water Boatman fly with video

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