How to Tie a Swiss Straw Tungsten Scud: Video

Utilize a tungsten bead for both building the bugs profile and getting this fly deep fast, this scud variation is a must have.

Scuds can be a major part of a fishes diet depending on the location and water conditions. If you have cold clean water you can bet there are scuds flourishing.

Best fished in low light conditions when scuds may become more active. Fish it below an indicator, on a double nymph rig or below a dropper system and it will not let you down.”

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Swiss Straw Tungsten Scud Recipe:
1) Thread – Uni 8/0 Olive
2) Hook – C300BL
3) Bead – Countersunk Tungsten Bead Black
4) Under Body Dubbing Blend = 90/10 – SLF Scud Shrimp Olive | Ice Dub UV Peacock Eye
5) Backing – Swiss Straw Chartreuse
6) Ribbing – RIO 4x Nylon Tippet

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Learn to tie the Swiss Straw Tungsten Scud fly pattern training video

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