How to Tie a Sexy Walt’s Worm: Video

Derived from the classic Walt’s Worm, the Sexy Walt’s is a flashed up version. The original Walt’s worm was developed by Walt Young out of Pennsylvania and will fool fish all around the country. One of the most simple and easy patterns out there to tie, it is a powerful fish fooler.

While this fly most closely imitates crane fly larva, in faster moving water it will pass for many aquatic bugs. The added flashy aspects to this fly help to make it a nice attractor / searching pattern.

This weighted version I like to fish as a point fly with an emerging pattern (whatever may be hatching) above.

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

Foam Beetle Recipe:
Hook – C450BL
Bead – Tungsten Slotted Gold
Thread – Uni 6/0 Red
Weight – 0.020 Lead wire
Body – Hareline Hare’s ear dubbin
Hot Spot – Ice Dub UV Fl. Hot Pink
Ribbing – Pearlescent Tinsel Small

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