How to Tie a Foam Back Midge: Video

We have been hearing a lot about this fly over the last few months at the AvidMax store. The name varies but the fly is very productive in the different variations we have seen. The creator of this fly is a little bit of a mystery to us still so if you know who came up with this gem please let us know!

I like to fish my emerger patterns in a “drop shot” (if you are familiar with conventional style fishing) style rig. Use a larger weighted jig fly as the point fly with this 6-10″ above and you will see great success. If you prefer to have the smaller fly on the point of your rig no problem. Add some weight to get it down and you are good to go.

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers


Foam Back Midge Emerger Recipe:
Hook – Umpqua Tiemco Fly Tying Hooks TMC 2488
Thread – Veevus Thread 16/0 Brown
Rib – UTC Ultra Wire Small Brown
Thorax – Dave Whitlock Synthetic Living Fiber Dub Brown Stone Nymph
Wing Bud – Hareline Thin Fly Foam White
Head – MFC Tungsten Lucent Beads Coffee

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