How to Tie the Copper John Fly: Video

The Copper John. Do I need to say more? Created by the infamous John Barr, just about anyone who has fly fished has heard of or thrown this fly. It is a go-to attractor pattern year round. It will imitate a wide range of bugs from mayflies, stoneflies, and even caddis or midges. Fish it smaller in the colder months and larger in the summer. Most commonly the copper john is tied using copper or red wire but there are many color variations out there. If you want to get the skunk off get the copper john tied on!

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

Copper John Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook – Umpqua Tiemco TMC 5262 Fly Tying Hooks
Thread – Veevus Thread – 12/0 Black
Tail – Hareline Stripped Goose Biots – Brown
Abdomen – UTC Ultra Wire – Brassie Copper
Thorax – Hareline Strung Peacock Herl
Legs – Hareline Hungarian Partridge Feathers Natural Color
Casing – Hareline Single Spool Pearlescent Flat Tinsel
Hareline Scud Back
Loon Outdoors UV Clear Finish

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