How to Tie the Copper John Fly: Video

How to Tie the Copper John Fly: Video

The Copper John. Do I need to say more? Created by the infamous John Barr, just about anyone who has fly fished has heard of or thrown this fly. It is a go-to attractor pattern year round. It will imitate a wide range of bugs from mayflies, stoneflies, and even caddis or midges. Fish it smaller in the colder months and larger in the summer. Most commonly the copper john is tied using copper or red wire but there are many color variations out there. If you want to get the skunk off get the copper john tied on! Continue reading “How to Tie the Copper John Fly: Video”

Video: How to Tie the Copper John Fly

The Copper John is the most commonly used trout fly in the west these days. For a good reason, it’s a great attractor pattern and it works! The Copper John was developed by legendary fly tier John Barr. It can be tied in a wide variety of colors, making it very versatile. The most popular color is red, and it is a favorite as well. A red Copper John catches more fish on the Arkansas River than any other fly out there. It doesn’t really imitate a specific bug, but it does resemble a stonefly and mayfly very well. What makes the Copper John so effective is its profile. It just looks buggy!  More favorite colors for the Copper John are: Copper, Chartreuse, Yellow and Black. Tie it the same way, just change the color of your wire!

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