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The Fishpond Nomad Canyon net is a premium net for anglers who desire a purpose-built tool that can withstand any backcountry or wilderness excursion. The Nomad Canyon clocks in at 29″ long with a bag depth of 9″. We have found that this net will be ideal for the rugged blue liner who desires a lightweight net that can be easily stored in any sling or backpack while also not sacrificing quality. The lightweight design of this net comes from the fact that the net is created from a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass. For those who may not be aware, the combination of these two materials allows for an incredibly durable net while in the backcountry.

According to our Marketing Manager, Noah Reinhardt, this net is “perfect for backpackers or alpine lake enthusiasts” because the Nomad Canyon is light while also offering a longer handle than a hand net, the Nomad Canyon is the ideal choice for backpacking since it does not add too much weight while simultaneously offering a longer handle that is beneficial when landing bigger fish or landing someone else’s fish.

“I took this net up to one of the mountain lakes here in Colorado, and I was immediately taken back by this net’s easy ability to be secured to my hiking backpack. Traditionally, I either wouldn’t take a net or I will take a hand net. My major issue with a hand net is that it does not have the reach I desire when landing bigger fish. This is not the case for the Nomad Canyon. While at the lake, I caught a few fish ranging from 12-17 inches, and the longer handle allowed me to confidently land the fish and also keep them in the water as I removed the hook. This net hasn’t just impressed me, but has made its way as my go-to alpine lake.” – Noah Reinhardt.

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