How to tie a CDC Spent Spinner

Some days, the fish are just not interested in that T-Bone steak of a hopper or Drake you have at the end of your leader. It’s going to be a tiny fly kind of day. If you need a little bug with big float, you need a CDC Spent Spinner. Just as the name implies, the wings on this fly are not the usual Fluoro-fibres or Sparkle yarns we usually tie. Instead, we cross our X’s over the top of a pair of CDC puffs. With some coercion, you might be able to have standard CDC feathers work out for you but a puff will cooperate every time. Since CDC feathers have a unique hydrophobic structure, you can get this bug back on top of the water with a quick false cast, if the need arises at all. For the artists among us, you can take an extra moment to shape the wings to get an even more realistic appearance. Leave the Gink in your pockets on your next afternoon Trico outing and tie on the CDC Wing Trico Spinner instead.

Ingredients & Recipe

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