How to tie a Biot Midge

How to tie the Biot Midge

The Biot Midge is a simple and effective midge pattern that should be a must-have in every fly box. This highly versatile midge pattern is perfect in situations when fish are feeding on insects stuck in the water column. The Biot Midge can be tied from a 16 down to a 22. Here at AvidMax, we have enjoyed tying this fly in a 20-22 and fishing it during these cold winter days when we see trout rising. A great way to fish the Biot Midge is to use a Hi-Viz Griffith’s Gnat in the front with the Biot Midge tailing behind it. Remember, you can get creative and tie this fly in other color variations that are specific to your desire. We hope the Biot Midge finds a place in your box because it has a place in ours!

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  1. That’s a really great idea to use a biot for the wing. Since quite a bit of a biot is tapered you can adjust it to get the width of wing desired. And of course the standing edge of the biot on the abdomen produces great segmentation.

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