How to tie a No Mercy Midge

How to tie the No Mercy Midge:

Midge season is upon us! Cold winter means trout are holding in their winter lays, and the bugs they eat are TINY! So, stop fishing, right? No way! Just adapt. The No Mercy Midge by Phil Iwane is a great option. This simple little emerging insect can be just what you need to kick the skunk off a tough day. Tie them small in ranges from 18 – 24 (Smaller if you are brave) and in a variety of colors to cover your bases. This bug pattern is versatile and can be fished deep in a multi fly rig with shot or higher in the water column under a dry when fish are actively eating midge emergers or adults. The No Mercy Midge is a must have for your midge box!

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  1. Very nice looking fly and quite simple to tie. Going small is a great idea and they definitely get noticed by picky fish. The only downside is threading those little buggers onto your tippet!

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