How to tie a Jigged Martian Midge

How to tie the Jigged Martian Midge:

Are you looking for a buggy little bomb midge pattern for the winter season? The Martian Midge is a great winter time bug for your tailwater box. Tying this pattern on the jig allows for the oversized bead to get down quickly to feeding fish. If you don’t like the jigged version, tie some of these with a black or purple bead on your favorite midge hook. We like the TMC 2475, TMC 2488H, or the TMC 101. The Firehole 718 also looks great! Feel free to go beadless with a black thread head for those low water conditions. Sizes 18-24 should do the trick. If you want to get real crafty bring your UV torch with you from your tying bench and hit the fly with the light for a couple of seconds in between casts to get the glow in the dark flashabou working.

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  1. I’ve never used glow-in-the-dark flashabou before. It looks interesting. So it’s quite different than the flashabou used for the rib? (Note: the rib material is not listed on the material list.)

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