How to tie the Red headed Step Child

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Max ties the Red Headed Step Child!

I think it is fairly obvious where this pattern got its name. It is sort of ironic to me however as who doesn’t love a red beaded fly? This little mayfly nymph imitation is a home run producer. It offers an excellent profile and features just enough pizazz. The Red Head and Krystal Flash legs bring fish in, and the profile seals the deal. Fished in all red is a solid searching pattern. When updating the body to brown or olive it offers a slightly more realistic “match the hatch” nymph imitation. I especially like this bug when BWO mayflies are active as the redhead matches the natural red head of a male Baetis Nymph. This fly is a solid choice for your mayfly nymph needs.

Ingredients & Recipe

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