How to tie a Tippet Ring Klinkhammer

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady ties a Tippet Ring Klinkhammer!

It seems like I am always fishing nymphs. When the time does come to fish dries it can be hard to commit. That’s why dry droppers become so appealing. When it isn’t quite time for Hopper droppers sometimes a small dry can do the trick. Anyone that has fished this type of rig and tied directly off the hook knows barbless hooks don’t offer the best option. Tying in a tippet ring is a great way of solving this problem. Make sure you secure it with extra wraps and folds, so you don’t lose a big one due to an un-secure tie. The Tippet Ring Klinkhammer is great when dropping small lightweight dries such as the CDC BWO Emerger or Graveyard Midge.

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