How to tie The Magic Quilldigon

How to tie The Magic Quilldigon

Whenever a new fly tying material comes out, I want to experiment with it. The new Hareline Magic Quills are no exception. If you have ever tied with any of the various natural quills available, you know they aren’t the easiest material to work with. They are brittle and inconsistent. The Magic Quill is a great substitution and solution to this problem. They are tapered and give perfect elegant segmentation every time. Using them to tie a Quilldigon was a no brainer, and makes for a very effective fly. They create a smooth body without having to add a UV coating, which helps this overweighted pattern slip through the water into the zone. This pattern is perfect for a Euro nymphing setup and will fish well under an indicator too!

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  1. On your materials list … here I go again … you list a Countersunk Bead but a jig hook is normally fitted with a Slotted Bead in order to get it to slide all the way up to the hook eye..

  2. This is a nice looking Perdigon style fly. I need to remember to fish them more often. On the tying size, I didn’t realize that Loon made UV finish in different colors. They finished your fly off very nicely and, like you stated, dry almost immediately. That really beats using nail polish that dries slowly.

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