How to tie The Demon Midge

How to tie The Demon Midge

The Demon Midge is another great small tailwater pattern for the colder months of the year. Matt McCannel developed this fly and it has been a staple in the winter midge box. While the 1273 is a good hook, Umpqua also has the U203RED which can be swapped out. Something worth trying is oversizing midge patterns like this to use one to use on still waters. For this one try sizes 10-16. While you’re tying the 18-24’s give your eyes a break and mix in those bigger sizes.

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  1. This is definitely a nice looking blood midge larva pattern. I really like the black rib and head to somewhat subdue the overall red body color. I’ve heard of these red hooks before, have never had any, but they really do look nice on this pattern.

  2. I hate to keep bringing stuff like this up but Max is definitely using UTC 140 denier black thread for the rib. However, the material list in this article, as well as the overlay graphic in the video, say 70 denier.

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