Learn How To Tie the FL CDL Nymph

How To Tie the FL CDL Nymph

My Fluorescent CDL Nymph (FL CDL Nymph) was created to offer a realistic pattern that also provided some pop when needed. CDL is an excellent, durable fiber that offers a naturalistic presentation. On cloudy days this bug stays duller and imitates lifelike nymphs. When the sun comes up and penetrates the water the fluorescent thread lights up and adds just the right amount of attractant. This is thanks to the somewhat translucent CDL material. I fish this bug year round on my local Colorado rivers and streams with great success. It is a lightweight pattern that works great as a trailing/point fly in a weighted nymph rig. I also fish this one a lot as a dropper when fish are higher up in the water column. Veevus offers three fluorescent colors in their 16/0 option, Fl. Yellow Chartreuse, Fl. Green and Fl. Orange. The Yellow Chartreuse makes a great PMD, the Fl. Green works excellent as a BWO and the Fl. Orange is possibly my favorite, working wonders as an attractor.

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