How to tie the RC Midge

The RC Midge

I was fishing the Dream Stream (Charlie Myers Wildlife Area) and I kicked up some bugs to see what was in the water. I found a black bug that had a dark head and a silver side to it. I knew instantly I needed to find a material to tie one. I looked at what materials I had and could use. The first rendition of the RC Midge was made with white and silver silly legs. The silver lining of the head didn’t pop out as much as I wanted and wasn’t replicating the bug as much as I had hoped. I then took life flex (Same material used in Pat’s rubber legs in light gray (or use a silver sharpie) and tied it in to come up with the final rendition of the RC Midge.

The RC stands for River Chironomidge, a play on the bug found in lakes – Chironomids. I took some inspiration from the Black Beauty and the Buzzer Beater to make this fly. I have fished it all over the freestone and tailwaters of Colorado and have found great success. Try fishing it in sizes 16-20 for the rivers and 12-16 for Lakes (for size 20 use x-small copper ribbing). Try changing up the colors and sizes to meet your various hatches.

Ingredients & Recipe

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