How To Tie The Splatte Roller: Fly Tying Instructional Video

The Splatte Roller

The Splatte Roller is a pattern by Umpqua Feather Merchants signature tyer Shea Gunkel. This is a perfect little caddis pupa/emerger pattern for the South Platte River and many other Colorado drainages. An excellent blend of just a few materials creates a fly that works as an attractor but is still very imitative. I like to fish this as the lead fly with a heavier point fly such as a Pat’s Rubber Legs or a Jigged Biot Stone.

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The Splatte Roller Ingredients List / Recipe:

Hook –Tiemco 2488H
Beads – Cyclops Bead Eyes Black
Thread – UTC 70 Denier Fluorescent Green / Fluorescent Chartreuse
Dubbing – Hareline Ice Dub Peacock Black
Legs – Fluoro Fibre Black
Ribbing – UTC Ultra Wire XS Black
UV Finish – Solarez UV Thin Hard Formula

Tools used to create this fly:
Vise – Stonfo Transformer Vise
Scissors – Dr. Slick Razor Hair Scissors
Bobbin – Dr. Slick Bobbin Standard
Whip Finish – Dr. Slick Brass Whip Finish

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    1. Hey Sal, thanks for watching! I believe this particular fly was an 18. The Splatte Roller is usually tied and offered in sizes 18-14.

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