How To Tie The Red Witch: Fly Tying Video

The Red Witch

This is a great pike fly for early season fish that are not interested in the really big stuff yet. It is very light to cast and has a ton of movement in the water. As well it is a very cheap pike fly because it does not need any hackle. Fish this fly deep or shallow and it is sure to turn some heads when it swimming through the water.

The Red Witch Ingredients & Recipe:

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger – 2/0 or 3/0
Thread: Danville Denier 140 – Black
Underbody: Hareline Bucktail – Red
Body: Kreelex Fish Flash – Red
Body: Magnum Holographic Flashabou – Sunrise
Head: Fish Skull Fish Mask – #8.5
Eyes: Living Eyes 8.5 – Fire, Wind or Earth

Tools Used: 
Peak Vice
Dr. Slick Razor Scissors
Dr. Slick Bobbin
Lice Brush

Please let us know if you have any questions or feel free to drop a line in the comments.  We would love to hear what you think about this pattern!

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