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In October 2017 we traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal and trained more than 40 people, primarily women, to make our 5D Brushes. Many of these individuals are at risk of exploitation. In Nepal, exploitation usually involves trafficking, which has several forms, with the most pervasive being sex trafficking (mostly female minors) and labor trafficking (mostly young men). One of the largest problems in Nepal is lack of employment. Sadly, this forces young women into dire situations, both in country and abroad. The number of women and children trafficked out of Nepal is estimated at 30,000 a year, or more than 80 people a day. Lack of employment also forces young men to seek work outside the country. It is estimated that 1,600 Nepali men leave their home every day, seeking work outside the country. This often turns into bonded labor in perilous working condition.

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We are Fair Flies, and we are changing this story in Nepal. We are doing good in a country that desperately needs good. We are a leading manufacturer of ethically-sourced, sustainably-produced, premium fly fishing materials. We are a benefit corporation registered in the state of Oregon. This simply means that, as a company, we are dedicated to providing positive social impact as one of our core values. In Nepal this means providing living wage jobs to every one of our workers; four times the average wage of just $1.80 per day. A living wage provides the resources to access education, clean water, fresh food, transportation, and proper housing. Our goal is 1,000 jobs in Nepal.

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Our tyers love the work they do. Every one of our 5D Brushes is handmade in Nepal. 5D Brushes have no comparison on the market. Each brush contains up to five materials perfectly selected and assembled to build beautiful flies efficiently. 5D Brushes allow you to tie five times faster and with zero waste or excess. We use stainless steel wire that won’t rust and provides exceptional strength. Our first dozen patterns won Best of Show Fly Tying Materials at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Orlando, Fl. Now, with more than 30 patterns to choose from, there is a brush for every situation. Made for both the beginner and the expert, everyone will find enjoyment and efficiency when using our brushes. Check them out here.


Our newest product is Fly Fur. This is the first craft fur designed by fly tyers for fly tyers. We reinvented the standard by increasing the length and decreasing the underfur. This provides more than twice the usable fibers of conventional fur. We currently have 13 colors and will add more this year. We’ve covered the spectrum from natural to vibrant with colors you can’t find anywhere else. Coming soon to AvidMax, but we can do special orders.

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We were born through innovation and aren’t sitting around. We’ve got some exciting things planned for this year. Watch for a couple new lines of 5D Brushes including a Micro Spey line that will please the trout crowd and a unique Fly Fur Brush series.
Fly fishing is full of passion: we’re passionate about fish, we’re passionate about our gear, we’re passionate about conservation, removing dams, and protecting our waterways. We all spend money supporting these things. And we’ve seen them make a difference. Now you can choose fly tying materials that have a positive impact on people’s lives and our environment. Fair Flies Change Lives.

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