How To Tie The Purple Biot CDC Midge Emerger: Fly Tying Video

Ever seen a purple bug? Me neither. Doesn’t matter though as purple catches fish! The main theory behind this is that purple is the last color in the light spectrum that can be seen in low light. This means when you have two flies submerged in a deep hole one natural brown and the other purple, the purple will be much more visible to the fish. With a smooth biot body and a CDC puff for the wing buds I love the way this fly looks. During the right day and time the fish will be all over it as well.

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Purple Biot CDC Midge Emerger Ingredients List / Recipe:
Hook – Tiemco TMC 2487
Thread – Veevus 16/0 Black
Abdomen – Turkey Biots Purple
Thorax – Ice Dub UV Black
Wing Buds – CDC Puffs White

Tools used to create this fly:
1) Vise – Griffin Montana Mongoose
2) Scissors – Dr. Slick Arrow Point Razor Scissors
3) Bobbin – Griffin Ceramic Flared
4) Whip Finish – Dr. Slick Brass Whip Finish

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Step by step instructions:


1. Using locking wraps, start your thread on the hook shank just back from the hook eye.


2. Work back creating a thread base and time in Turkey Biot. Tie in the Biot with the bevel upwards allowing you to wrap a smoother side down.


3. Touching palmer wrap the biot towards the hook eye. Making sure to stay as even as possible and cover the entire hook shank.


4. Using a CDC Puff, tie in the stem end to the hook shank and secure with a few locking wraps in front and behind.


5. Create a dubbing noodle using the Ice Dub Peacock black.


6. Working back to front of the thorax, create a dubbing head in front and behind the CDC Puff. You can now trip the CDC puff to about the length of the hook shank as well.


7. Whip finish and apply some head cement or super glue to the thread head.

Purple Biot CDC Midge Emerger

8. Fish!


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