How To Tie The Red Belly Bunny Leech: Fly Tying Video

Leechy indeed! I love this pattern because of its versatility. It fishes really well in a variety of water types and really shines in deep pools and in stillwater. The conehead on this pattern partnered with a slow retrieve will help to create undulating movement that mimics a leech expanding and contracting while it swims. Or, if you are in a lazier type of mood give it a good dead drift and it can be just as effective. Simple to tie and maybe even easier to fish!

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Red Belly Bunny Leach Ingredients List / Recipe:
1) Hook – Firehole 839
2) Bead – Brass Cone 1/4 Black
3) Under Body – Cactus Chenielle Red
4) Flash – Krystal Flash Red
5) Body + Tail + Collar – Magnum Bunny Strips Black
6) Thread – Uni 6/0 Black
7) Wire – UTC Black Brassie

Tools used to create this fly:
1) Vise – Griffin Montana Mongoose
2) Scissors – Dr. Slick Razors Scissors
3) Bobbin – Griffin Standard Bobbin
5) Whip Finish – Dr. Slick Brass Whip Finish
6) Rising Galloup TyUp Dub Loop Tool

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How To Tie The Red Belly Bunny Leech: Fly Tying Video



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