How to Tie a PMX (Parachute Madam X): Fly Tying Video

Who else out there is ready to throw dry flies! The Parachute Madam X is one that I love to get out on the water when I have the chance. PMX for short, this fly is a variation of the classic Madam X. The PMX has an added Parachute post with the hackle wrapped around it in the same method of a Parachute Adams, which helps with both visibility and buoyancy. This is a great pattern to utilize when there are lots of summer bugs out and about whether it’s large stoneflies or hoppers. There’s nothing like getting a big trout to look up at a large dry fly!

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PMX (Parachute Madam X) Recipe:
Hook – Firehole Outdoors 718
Thread – UNI 6/0 Black
Tail and Wing – Bleached Elk Hair
Abdomen – Uni Floss Gold – Brown
Legs – Grizzly Medium Barred Rubber Legs – Tan
Thorax – Peacock Herl
Parachute Post – McFlylon PolyPro – White
Post Hackle – Keough Half Saddle – Grizzly Ginger

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Learn to tie the PMX (Parachute Madam X) fly tying video


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