How to Tie a Woven Wire Caddis Pupa: Fly Tying Video

All of the flies we have tied for tying Tuesday have been developed by other tyers and we simply offer our version while trying to call out the creator when we can. I have to call out an awesome tier I follow on Instagram for this one, back_to_the_stream. If you are into seeing other tyers on Instagram this is one to follow. He is the first person I have seen (not sure if he is the first ever…) take the woven method (usually used with yarn on flies like the polish woven caddis or the well known bitch creek) and apply it using wire. The look that comes out of this, in my opinion, is excellent and sort of creates an exoskeleton. The fly tied here is a simple caddis pupa with the elegance of the woven wire creating an awesome looking fly. To be honest I have yet to fish this fly but am looking forward to trying it out this summer!

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Woven Wire Caddis Pupa Recipe:
Hook – Daiichi 1130 Fly Tying Hooks
Thread – Veevus Thread – 10/0 Olive
Bead – Hareline Tungsten Beads – Black, Nickle
Abdomen – Thread underbody
Wire – UTC Ultra Wire – Small Olive and Small Chartreuse woven
Thorax – Hareline Ice Dub – Peacock Black

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