How to Tie a SLF Baetis Emerger: Fly Tying Video

This weeks fly features the new Firehole Outdoors 718 hook! If you like the Tiemco 200R but get frustrated with failed hook ups or houdini fish popping off, look no further than the 718. The new 718 has an awesome elongated profile with a unique wide gape making this a very deadly hook. The fly we are tying on this today is a simple but deadly fly. The brown color abdomen with matching thorax and wing case/legs makes this a very realistic baetis. Depending on the hatch your are matching you may want to tie up some olive or tan variations. I like to fish this fly all year round while staying smaller in the winter fishing it alongside midge pupa’s. Through the other three seasons of the year, you can go larger and fish it in many different rig configurations.

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SLF Baetis Emerger Recipe:
Hook – Firehole Sticks Fly Tying Hooks 718
Thread – Veevus Thread – 16/0 Brown
Abdomen – Dave Whitlock Synthetic Living Fiber Dub – Sowbug Tan
Wire – UTC Ultra Wire – Small Copper
Thorax – Dave Whitlock Synthetic Living Fiber Dub – Squirrel Nymph Thorax
Legs/Backing – Just Add H2O Fluoro Fibre – Brown
Tail – Hareline Coq de Leon Feathers – Dark Speckled Corzuno

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