How to Tie a Barr’s BWO Emerger: Video

Another home run by John Barr. The Barr’s emerger can be tied to imitate many types of Mayfly emergers. This classic variation is best used if there is a BWO hatch with the majority of the bugs in the transition stages.

This is a great option if you are fishing a dry dropper, a “”drop shot”” style rig with this as your lead fly with a weighted fly on point or flip flopped with a weight fly on top and this trailing on point.

Barr’s BWO Emerger Recipe:
Hook – Tiemco TMC 2487
Thread –
Veevus 14/0 Gray (B05)
Abdomen –
Superfine dubbing Olive
Thorax –
Superfine dubbing grey
Wing buds –
Mallard Flank
Tail –
Whiting high and dry cape Brown

Post your version here!

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Learn how to tie the Barr's BWO Emerger



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