How to Tie a Euro Style Pheasant Tail: Video

Fly fishing and Pheasant tails go hand in hand. This material has been used for a long long time and for good reason. When wrapped Pheasant tail fibers create a buggy looking body that can not be matched easily by any other natural or synthetic material. Thus all the variations of the classic Pheasant tail nymph.

This Euro Style, “Competition” pheasant tail nymph is a must have fly. I keep variations of many sizes and colors in my box at all times for whatever the conditions dictate.

With the weighted bead and lead wire, the Euro-style pheasant tail is a superb pattern for getting your fly down to the water column where fish are holding. At the same time, the jig hook will help prevent you from snagging the bottom time after time.

I tend to fish it in one of two ways. Either as the point fly in a “Drop shot” style rig with a smaller emerger pattern above or as my lead fly with a smaller pupa or nymph pattern on point.

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

Euro Style Pheasant Tail Recipe:   
Hook – Umpqua Competition Series Fly Tying Hooks C400 BL 60 degree Jig Hook
Head – MFC Tungsten Jig Beads – Copper
Thread – Veevus Thread – 10/0 Fluorescent Orange
Tail – Hareline Coq de Leon Feathers – Speckled Brown Corzuno
Abdomen – Hareline Ringneck Pheasant Tail Feathers – Natural
Ribbing – UTC Ultra Wire – Small Copper
Thorax – Dave Whitlock Synthetic Living Fiber Dub – Brown Stone Nymph

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Learn how to tie the Euro Style Pheasant Tail: Video

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