How To Tie A Rainbow Warrior Fly: Video

This is my go-to fly on days where matching the hatch is not as easy as I would like it to be.

The Rainbow Warrior, created by Lance Egan is a fly that doesn’t really imitate any natural aquatic life individually but rather is a great attractor and searching pattern.

Tied on a jig style hook with a weighted tungsten bead as well as the hidden lead wire wraps, this is a great pattern to help you get down to where fish are holding.

I like to fish it in tailwaters as a lead fly with a small life-like midge imitation on point.

If your box is missing this fly you better get busy and crank out a few. They are worth having in most trout fishing situations.

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

Rainbow Warrior Recipe:
Hook – Umpqua Competition Series Fly Tying Hooks C400 BL 60 degree Jig Hook
Head – MFC Tungsten Jig Beads – Silver
Thread – UNI Waxed Thread – 8/0 Red
Tail – Hareline Coq de Leon Feathers – Speckled Brown Corzuno
Abdomen – Hareline Single Spool Pearlescent Tinsel – Medium
Thorax – Dub Blend 90/10
Dub Blend 90 – Hareline Rainbow Scud Dub
Dub Blend 10 – Hareline Ice Dub

All fly tying tools are available here, and “orders over $25 ship FREE” in the Lower 48 US.


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