How to Tie a Zebra Midge Christmas Colors

If you are just getting into fly tying and trying to figure out what fly to tie first, the Zebra Midge is a perfect pattern. It’s very simple and straightforward– The Zebra Midge is also  only comprised of a few materials: bead, thread, and wire.

This is a great fly in the winter months when trout are fickle and only taking small bugs. Tying sizes 22-24? That will be no problem! You can make a bundle of these in many colors with ease.

On the other side of things, try tying this in larger elongated versions for your Stillwater Chironomid needs. Add a little white thorax or head for some gills, then throw it on a midge tip line and you are ready to slay.

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

Zebra Midge Christmas Colors Fly Tying Recipe
– Umpqua U202RED Fly Tying Hooks Size 18-26
Thread – Veevus Thread 16/0 Red, Black, and Olive
Ribbing – UTC Ultra Wire
Head – Hareline Cyclops Bead Eyes

zebra-midge-green-sqLearn how to tie the Zebra Midge fly with video

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