How to Tie the WD-40 Fly : Video

The WD-40, a pattern originally created to work as a midge emerger is an excellent natural imitation of many small aquatic bugs. It is tied in various colors such as olive, brown and black. The WD-40 is an effective fly for fish feeding on Trico’s, BWO’s ( and other small mayflies) or most commonly midges. Fish it in a dry dropper system or as a point fly with a larger lead fly in a nymph rig.

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

WD-40 Fly Tying Recipe

Hook – Tiemco TMC 2487 18 – 24
Thread – 12/0 C12 Veevu Thread Brown
Tail – Mallard Flank
Thorax – Mallard Flank wing casing, Super fine dubbing brown olive

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