Tacky Fly Boxes: How They Changed The Way I Store My Flies

Possibly one of the best benefits I have working in the fly fishing industry is the access to cool new products. Most of you fly fisher people out there have probably now become familiar with the new Tacky fly boxes over the last year or so. Winning best of show at the 2015 IFTD show (International Fly Tackle Dealer), for their fly boxes as well as numerous other awards. Tacky has quickly become a well known name, thanks to their unique products. As soon as we got these in our shop and on our website I had to pick up a couple to see what they were all about. Anxious to get them on the water and in action, I wanted to share my initial thoughts after loading them up with flies.

Hopper Tacky

“All my flies lined up in my new Tacky box and ready to fish” 

The first thing that really stands out for me with Tacky is their compact size while maintaining decent capacity. Converting my hopper / large attractor patterns was my first move. As you can see from the images, prior to this I was using an old white river foam fly box that has seen its day. With the transition to the Big Bug Tacky Box, I was able to get all of the flies that I typically store in the double sided box into the slots on the single sided Tacky box – immediately saving me room in my vest!

Hopper WR box

“Before, in my old fly box.” 

Their main claim to fame is their patent pending silicone anchoring system. Most higher-end fly boxes nowadays come with the slotted foam. Don’t get me wrong, this was a great advancement that extended the longevity of the box. However, the deterioration, although slowed, remains. Tacky has taken it to the next level with their silicone. While loading these boxes, the difference is apparent. It holds flies snugly, preventing any flies from coming loose and floating around in your box, an issue we have all dealt with. When removing the fly from its slotted home, the silicone closes right back up with seemingly no wear.

Dry C&F

“Another one of my old fly boxes.” 

Organization in these boxes has also been made simple. The Original Tacky fly box holds up to 168 flies. When loading my dry fly selection into this box the feeling of OCD is nicely comforted by the teardrop slots. The spacing and staggering is perfect for most of the drys that I typically carry. The only issue I have run into is on larger dry flies with extended hackles and tails. These flies will overlap slightly in the original box. Probably better suited for the big bug box, but, as you can see, I have made it work.

Dry Tacky

“Ahh, much better. ” 

All in all, I am really happy with these new boxes. Tacky has done a great job of breaking the foam mold and bringing new technology to a somewhat stale category of fly fishing gear. I have no doubt that over time, with actual fishing applications, they will not let me down.

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments what you think of Tacky and how you have updated your own fly boxes. Click here to check out all the Tacky fly boxes on our website.

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