Tenkara Fly Fishing With My Son

Tenkara Fly Fishing With My Son

Sometime last summer, my son and I were standing on the edge of a river – something we do often. It was a pretty warm day, and instead of his waders, he wanted to stand in the river with just his shorts on. We stood there for a quite a while as I was trying to teach him a little bit more about how to cast with a fly rod. At the time, he was only 6, and despite my best efforts, he wasn’t that interested. He loved being out on the river, and anytime I hooked into a fish, he would rush over, reel it in, and then give it a kiss (I know it’s weird, but he loves to do that) before we put it back in the water. But, he just didn’t want to stand there and figure out how to cast. Continue reading “Tenkara Fly Fishing With My Son”

Adventures at AvidMax: Learning to Fish Without Snoopy, Part 1

Entry the Second
(and far overdue)

Let me begin this post with an apology: I promised our readership regular content in my first blog post, and have certainly not delivered! I may have an adventurous spirit, but I act hesitantly and constantly find excuses for myself that hold me back more often than not.

I should also add, here at the beginning, that this story spans over July-October, and thus, takes longer to tell than should or would have. Such is the consequence of my inaction!

I hope you enjoy my (mis)adventures!

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