How To Tie The Nitro Caddis Pupa: Fly Tying Instructional Video

How To Tie The Nitro Caddis Pupa: Fly Tying Instructional Video

The Nitro Caddis Pupa

Created by Andrij Hordysky, the Nitro caddis pupa is an awesome realistic imitation of just that, a pupating caddis. For a lot of caddis flies, it takes a good while for this stage. If they are a free formed caddis fly they have to create their entire casing vs. simply closing the existing casing a case caddis features. This means they could be working on this for weeks or even months. Considering that, I tend to tie this fly on pretty often. It is a perfect dropper fly under a hefty stimulator or foam dry fly.

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Fly Fishing: The Season of Orange

Fly Fishing: The Season of Orange

Halloween is around the corner and it seems that everywhere you look you can’t escape the color orange. While changing leaves, pumpkin patches, and snack-sized peanut butter cups abound, for fly fisherman, the color orange presents a different appeal—one that triggers a ferocious take, the arching bend of the rod, and the screeching sound of line peeling from the reel. Everyone’s go-to fall color is universally appealing for both humans and fish alike.

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Nitro Caddis Pupa Video Fly Tying Instructions

The Nitro Caddis Pupa is a great little fly developed by Andrij Horodysky. It imitates a caddis larva emerging and developing into a caddis pupa. This is the most vulnerable stage of the caddis and big trout know that! The Nitro Caddis Pupa can be tied in Olive and Orange variations, with the Olive being the most popular color. It is also best tied in #12 to #16 and makes a great lead fly on a nymph rig. This fly really “pops” and is fun to tie!

Check out Brady’s new version of this here. 

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Fox’s Caddis Poopah – Fly Tying Video Instructions

Check out this killer pupa pattern tied by our friends at In The Riffle. It is a Caddis Poopah emerger that can be tied in two main colors – Brown and Olive. This pattern is best fished on a nymph rig setup with the Caddis Poopah as your lead fly. An emerger is a pupa that is changing in to the adult life stage of the fly. As it sheds its casing, the top of the emerger starts to show its body and wings. It rises up through the water column to the surface to complete its transformation to an adult caddis fly.


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