The Fly Fishing Obsession: Part 2

The Fly Fishing Obsession: Part 2

Life has an amazing way of working itself out for the better. The last article I wrote was almost a year ago but so much has changed. What has not changed is my love of fly fishing!

Little did I know that fly fishing would be my rock when my fiancé broke up with me for the last time in December. He had told me on multiple occasions that I needed to go out and do more things by myself as I was too dependent on him for my happiness (not sure that was entirely accurate). This may have been the reason that I jumped 100% into fly fishing as Nati, the Goldendoodle and I could do it by ourselves. Leaving him to sit on the couch being introverted.

It took that moment in December to realize just how lucky I had been to stumble into an amazing community. Continue reading “The Fly Fishing Obsession: Part 2”

Learning To Fly Fish From My Dad

Learning To Fly Fish From My Dad

I started fly fishing at the age of 8 and I am now going on 50! I can say the best times in my life were going fishing with my Dad and Grandfather.

To get across the river I remember my father putting me on his shoulders and carrying me across the stream so I wouldn’t get wet. But inevitably I would fall in, usually being soaked and that water being really cold as it was in March. Nevertheless, I would always keep going. As soon as I would hook a fish the coldness always seemed to go away! Continue reading “Learning To Fly Fish From My Dad”

4 Tips for Fly Fishing With Kids

4 Tips for Fly Fishing With Kids

For many, the lifelong love affair with fly fishing is ignited at an early age. Summer afternoons near the creek or on the banks of a lake provide the ideal classroom for lessons taught by elders who generously pass down knowledge from one generation to the next. Years later, we find ourselves thankful for the enduring memories and opportunities to bond and spend time in the outdoors. As time goes by, an added appreciation for these gestures develops as we become more aware of the patience and understanding required to teach such lessons.

Ultimately, fly fishing serves as more than a hobby, a sport, or an escape, but as a vessel to deliver excitement, valuable experiences, laughter, frustration, and fleeting moments with loved ones—some of whom have passed on, but not before bestowing their insight and passion for fly fishing on us.  For adults with children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren, the opportunity to kindle the love of fly fishing in youth presents itself. While the sacrifice of spending time tying on flies, untangling line, and monitoring safety measures may be daunting, perhaps one day the student will become the teacher, eager to continue the tradition of the fly fishing legacy.  

Here are a few tips for teaching youngsters to participate in and grow to love fly fishing. Continue reading “4 Tips for Fly Fishing With Kids”

Adventures at AvidMax: Learning to Fish Without Snoopy, Part 1

Adventures at AvidMax: Learning to Fish Without Snoopy, Part 1

Entry the Second
(and far overdue)

Let me begin this post with an apology: I promised our readership regular content in my first blog post, and have certainly not delivered! I may have an adventurous spirit, but I act hesitantly and constantly find excuses for myself that hold me back more often than not.

I should also add, here at the beginning, that this story spans over July-October, and thus, takes longer to tell than should or would have. Such is the consequence of my inaction!

I hope you enjoy my (mis)adventures!

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5 Things You Need To Start Fly Fishing

Have you ever watched a video, heard a story or even just seen a picture of somebody who caught an enormous fish using a fly rod and thought to yourself, “I want to do that!”.

Typically after this thought comes; “What do I need to fly fish”? There are so many different types of fly fishing that it is easy to get blurry eyed when shopping for fly gear. Let’s talk basics. In my opinion there are five items (Categories) that you will need to think about obtaining when making the leap to fly fishing.


1. Fly Rod and Reel

The first and most important is the fly rod and reel outfit. I bundle this all into one item, but really its two components. Continue reading “5 Things You Need To Start Fly Fishing”