How To Tie The Game Changer: Fly Tying Video

How To Tie The Game Changer: Fly Tying Video

The Game Changer

The most realistic fish pattern out there. The Fish-Skull articulated spine gives the fly a super realistic swim in the water. This fly can be tied or colored to represent any fish in the water.

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Game Changer Fly – Video Fly Tying Instructions

The Game Changer Streamer was developed by innovative fly tier, Blane Chocklett.  This fly has a marvelous action to it!  The Game Changer is tied on the new Fish Skull Fish Spine Articulated Shanks.  This system allows for the fly to be articulated throughout the entire length of the fly.  Coloring the Game Changer will add extra life to the fly, and some fly tiers have taken to the Copic Air Brush to make their Game Changers come alive!!  The Game Changer is a great fly for all predatory fish, such as Bass, Pike, Musky, Trout and Saltwater Species.  Give one a try!  They are a lot of fun to tie!

Check out our new version by Max here!

Video tutorial courtesy of our friends at InTheRiffle Continue reading “Game Changer Fly – Video Fly Tying Instructions”