The “Jassid” Video Fly Tying Instructions

Hi AvidMax fly tyers! Let’s start the year with learning some new pattern! It’s pretty small, but you will enjoy tying the “Jassid”!

The “Jassid” is a great tiny dry fly for technical waters. The Jassid was originally developed by Vince Marinaro and made to imitate a small leaf hopper. I believe the Jassid imitates all kinds of small little bugs found throughout late summer, such as beetles, large ants, spiders and even micro caddis. Whatever the trout think the Jassid fly is, they go crazy for it!! The Jassid is one of those flies you whip out when a fish has rejected every pattern in your fly box. You need good eyes to see the Jassid on the water.  The slim profile and sparse hackle allow for this fly to sit delicately on the surface, making it VERY difficult to see. Just watch for the rise in the vicinity of the fly!!

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EP Mole Crab Video Fly Tying Instructions

The EP Mole Crab was developed by Enrico Puglisi for big Bonefish, Redfish & Permit. It can be tied in many colors, but the best colors are Tan & Sand.  The Mole Crab imitates a small round crab called….you guessed it….a Mole Crab.  It doesn’t really look like a crab.  It actually looks more like a sand flea or a “sand crab”.  These crabs burrow and scurry about in sandy areas near shallow water.  They are a favorite forage for big Redfish & Bonefish cruising in the surf!!

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Morrish Hopper Video Fly Tying Instructions

Video tutorial courtesy of our friends at InTheRiffle

The Morrish Hopper is a super realistic hopper pattern developed by fly tying mastermind Ken Morrish. It combines the perfect grasshopper profile with real world fishability. The Morrish Hopper not only looks like a hopper….but it really does fish with the best of them!  It can be tied in several color variations, including the realistic colors Continue reading

Mini Mr Hanky Mouse – Video Fly Tying Instructions

Video tutorial courtesy of our friends at InTheRiffle

The Mini Mr Hanky is a great mouse pattern for big Alaskan Rainbows and large carnivorous Brown Trout!  The Mini Mr Hanky is a lifelike mouse pattern that fishes incredibly well (way better than it looks dry)!!  In this video James from InTheRiffle demonstrates tying the “Mini” version, but there is a full size version that uses rabbit Continue reading

PMX Video Fly Tying Instructions

Video tutorial courtesy of our friends at InTheRiffle

The PMX (Parachute Madam X) is a awesome hopper and stonefly dry fly imitation.  The PMX is the Parachute version of the traditional Madam X.  The PMX is easier to see, floats higher and is more life like for picky trouts. The PMX can be tied in many different colors, with Yellow, Red, Olive and Orange being the some of the most popular.  Continue reading