Fly Box Frustration and Redemption

Fly Box Frustration and Redemption

What do these 3 fly fishing scenarios have in common?

Scenario 1:

You’ve been on the water for an hour, just blind casting and waiting for something to happen. Praying for the hatch or to see some rises. Suddenly it happens, a couple BWOs start floating off the water and the trout start rising. You reel in, re-rig your leader and pull out your fly box to grab a BWO emerger because you can tell that’s what they’re eating . . . Continue reading “Fly Box Frustration and Redemption”

Cliff Beast Fly Box Product Review Winner!

Even more winners! Congrats to Dillon Hevener for his win during the week of Jan 24-30th, 2017. He won $25 in rewards for this product review.

Item Purchased: Cliff Bugger Beast Jr. Fly Box

Rating: “Excellent ” 5 out of 5 stars!

Cliff product review winner accouncement

Review: “In my very humble and uneducated opinion this box is great looks and feels very sturdy and durable, lots of space for anything from tiny flies to my preference larger bulky streamers. Fits all needs, checks all boxes. Thanks AvidMax staff for being helpful and pleasant.” Continue reading “Cliff Beast Fly Box Product Review Winner!”