Video: How to Tie the Copper John Fly

The Copper John is the most commonly used trout fly in the west these days. For a good reason, it’s a great attractor pattern and it works! The Copper John was developed by legendary fly tier John Barr. It can be tied in a wide variety of colors, making it very versatile. The most popular color is red, and it is a favorite as well. A red Copper John catches more fish on the Arkansas River than any other fly out there. It doesn’t really imitate a specific bug, but it does resemble a stonefly and mayfly very well. What makes the Copper John so effective is its profile. It just looks buggy!  More favorite colors for the Copper John are: Copper, Chartreuse, Yellow and Black. Tie it the same way, just change the color of your wire!

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

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