Video: How to Tie the Common Craw Fly

Video: How to Tie the Common Craw Fly

The Common Craw is one buggy little Carp Fly developed by James Spicer. The Common Craw was designed for picky carp on the South Platte River in Denver.  It is a fairly heavy fly, thus is why it works so well in the river. It sinks quickly and stays on the bottom, right where the Carp want it!  It also is made of supple materials, which allows it to move and breath in the water. Do you like to fish trout? No problem, The Common Craw also works on trout too! I initially developed the fly for Carp, but Trout have a hard time resisting it as well! Give it a try! Continue reading “Video: How to Tie the Common Craw Fly”

Fly Tying Interview with James Spicer


It has been a little over a year since we started carrying fly tying materials. During that time, we have learned just how intricate and time-consuming fly tying can be, and how much patience it takes to master. After launching our very first Fly Tying Month this past March, we are even more eager to learn, so we decided to interview a master fly tyer. We sought out our partner, James Spicer from InTheRiffle, to learn more about his fly tying journey. Enjoy the Q&A!

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